Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Catcher in the Rye and The Breakfast Club

With regards to my previous post, I'm trying to write as few posts as possible but while I keep trying, here's one more :D This post is 'bout a book I read a few days ago. The Catcher in the Rye. To be honest, there is really no story in the book. Just another guy traveling all over New York. The thing that stands out is it's narration. The book reminded me of The Breakfast Club a lot. Why?
  • Both portray teen angst. Teens criticizing each and every thing and mocking the values of which the society is built and all.
  • Both talk 'bout sexual issues in an open way. Though not a big deal today, it was when the book was released in the 50s era. The narrator talks 'bout losing virginity, cute asses, etc, etc... The Breakfast Club also had people(especially Claire) talking about her virginity and how she has to deal with the pressures of being the princess of the school, etc, etc. That's one reason why i think the movie and book were a generation ahead of their counterparts.
  • profanity, vulgarity and portrayal of sensitive issues. The narrator of the book makes extensive use of profanity. Calling everyone and anyone a goddamn phony bastard, he is shown drinking as a minor. In Breakfast Club too, Bender brings in pot and all the people in the detention start smoking pot.
  • Pop culture. Both had big impact on the pop culture. Many phrases like "sort of" as in I sort of liked it and "and all" as in I know it's bad and all.... slang like "screw up", "dough", "it kills me" etc, etc. all seem to have originated from this book. The movie too had a huge effect on the culture. It started the genre of high school movies, the concept of glorification of prom, sitting in the detention room thinking of ways to get out, etc...
  • and finally, the transformation of the protagonist(s) In both the book and the movie. The protagonists realize that they are not what they thought they were. Writing it here might not be a good idea as it might become a spoiler :D
All in all this guy put it right. If you thought like him when you were 16 or 17 years old, you are forgiven. If you still identify with him, you need to find some more joy, somehow…fake it ’til you make it. Do something.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The last one?

I thought it was only me but there are others who are thinking on the same lines too. One of my most favourite bloggers has decided to stop writing. I sort of used to see a bit of myself in what she wrote. I never wrote anything about a lot of things that I would generally love to sit and chit-chat about, because it was already there on her blog. But today it isn't and something is amiss.

When I first started this blog, the one thing I wanted to do was to constantly ask myself how deep the rabbit hole goes? How long can I keep writing about the stuff that I write about ? Sadly I've lost most of those sentiments. Maybe because there is a different question I'm asking myself. Maybe something else. Maybe because, like her, I too am a bit selfish when it comes to me. Like Sharukh Khan puts it, it's always about me, my stardom, my family, my wife, my world, etc, etc...

In these 2 + something years as a blogger, I've written about a lot of stuff. Stuff which might not even make sense now. Ok, agreed everything has it's own place, serious contemplations, moments to laugh at, poetic reflections, etc, etc... but then change is inevitable. Change comes back to haunt us because it's the only permanent thing in life. I'm an optimist, not as big an optimist as Andy in Shawshank Redmption, but an optimist nevertheless. I see this as a sign that a phase has just passed. Maybe it's time to move on. Not necesarilly to greener pastures but also to some drylands with only forage bushes around.

Today as I stand on a crossroad, I don't know if it's a goodbye or just a hibernation, but whatever it is, i'll come to know about it in due time. Till then I'll just pretend this space was never mine...

till then adios!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 reasons why IMDB is bad

imdb is a very good resource when it comes to movies, movies and tv shows' trivia. everything is fine except the top 250 list. For some stupid reason, it's going to the dogs. :( but why?? here's why

1. God Father part 2 in 3rd place. ok agreed i go gaga over dark knight and all but godfather part 2 is definitely not better than dark knight. Dark Knight never deserved this kind of a treatment x-(

2. Once upon a time in west on 19th position. anyone who has seen the movie will agree that the movie is boring and the plot has been stretched more than the elastic of a sagging underwear. it is a disgrace in the name of western classics.

3. Fight club in 23rd position. were the hell did all that junta go who say that fight club is one of their favouritist movies? i feel it should be somewhere in top 15

4. Forrest Gump in 46th position. need I say anything more? if tom hanks ever saw it, he would feel bad for all the running he did and the bullet he took in his ____.

5. Annie Hall and Ratatouille beyond 100. Someone once told me that you can tell if a movie is great if u find any 10 min sample of the movie good. Atleast on that basis, Ratatouille and Annie Hall are both very good movies and deserve to be atleast in top 100.

atleast this is what i feel :|

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My decadence

It all started with the fever. The fever's gone but the feeling's still there. I don't feel like sitting in front of the computer and work. How can one sit in front of the computer when one can instead go out and roam? The weather is so totally awesome. Cloudy and breezy. One would want to take an umbrella, go out and walk in the rain.

Nothing seems to inspire me to sit in front of the machine. I've walked atleast 5-6 kms in the last two days hoping to "find" inspiration. I've spent hours doing nothing, hoping that, the activity of doing nothing will frustrate me and I'll start doing something. But no! nothing is working!! Is this it? is this My Decadence??

Standing on the edge of a cliff,
I look down the abyss, so very deep
No thought, no plan, I make a leap.
Too bad, I didn't jump well.
There were rocks down under, I hit them.
Hit one and broke my arm.
Though much was the pain, it wasn't the end.
I hit another and broke my neck.
As I lay on the ground, the last thing that came to me -
show me how deep the abyss is...
atleast the next time, I'll not try this.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

totally random phone calls

There was a girl. Her name was Swapna. There was a guy, Madhav. Swapna and Madhav were chums and most prolly used to hang out together. It so happened they gave each other their numbers. So instead of our classic, thoroughly tested technique of giving the other guy a miss call and recording the number, they "gave" each other their numbers. It so happened that Madhav gave his number as 9989314387, which was the number of this guy by the name Sashidhar. Blissfully unaware, Sashidhar was browsing the net when he got the first call.

tring-tring!! tring-tring!!
###I pick up the phone and without our usual hello, she starts!###
Swapna - enti madhav phone enduku cheyatiledu?? :( What's up Madhav?? why aren't you calling me??
Sashidhar - ok, i think...., meeku wrong number aiyindi! ikkada Madhav undadu!! idi sashidhar :) I think u've got the wrong number. Madhav doesn't live here. This is sashidhar.
Swapna okkkk... sorry.

###Two minutes later, my mobile rings again and it's the same number###
Swapna - hello madhav! nuvva?? Hello, Madhav! is it you??
Sashidhar - nopes! this is still sashidhar. meeru oka pani cheyandi. naaku madhav number chappandi. crosscheck ceddamu! tell me madhav's number. let's crosscheck it!
Swapna ok ###pauses for a few seconds and### 99894314387. that is the number.
Sashidhar ###ok, this Madhav dude has really done it this time! gave my number to her!!### ok... meeru number correct chepparu, but ikkada Madhav undadu! You've given the correct number, but this isn't Madhav's number. ###and i keep the phone###

###a minute later, i get the phone again. You might ask why do i even bother it. Why don't I ignore the call.. But the thing is the day had been boring till now and something was needed for timepass###
Swapna - Hello! Madhav?? lepote sashi?? Hello. Madhav? or is it still sashi??
Sashidhar - It's Sashidhar. Still the wrong number... :X
Swapna - ok... oka pani cheyavaa... me pakka inti lo Madhav ani everena untara?? vaadu maybe me phone number ichaadu! ok... do one thing. check if you have Madhav living around you. Maybe that's why he gave me your phone number.
Swapna Sorry ikkada evearu Madhav ledu! Sorry! There is no Madhav!! ###and hung up###

###then go to drink water, have a small chat with this guy near the water cooler and come back to the room in about 10 min and I see that I have already got 2 missed calls from her!!! A minute later, she calls again. Girl in distress!!###
Swapna - hello, Sashidhar? Madhav dorkeda?? Hello sashidhar! did u get Madhav!!???!! :O
Sashidhar - ok... first nenu madhav ki etakavanki vella ladu. inka ikkada Madhav undadu. Nenu hostel lo untanu. naku telusu, na pakkana evaru untaro! first, I didn't go searching for Madhav and second, I live in a hostel. I know who lives around me! ###shit! why did I ever have to say that!!!###
Swapna - Hostel aa?? College lo unnava?? e college?? Hostel?? U r in college or what?? which college?
###now why did she ever have to ask that! something stupid is going on here!###
Sashidhar - iiit - hyderabad.
Swapna - okkkkk... sorry for the phone calls. Bye.
###felt kinda sad for her. Wasted three phone calls and still din't get hold that Madhav dude!!###

With this incident I am actually reminded of the Priya-Anita-Sohan incident. Wanna share it but this post is already too long. So I'll do it in the next one!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What inspires laziness?

Standing in the corridor, I was staring at the sky. The sky was clear except for these slender patches of white, as if someone had lazily painted a few strokes of white on a blue canvas. A few friends of mine had just started a game of cricket. Birds were flying in flocks over the hostel. The leaves were rustling in a sprightly fashion. All was well till I saw these wispy cotton like clouds at the horizon. Floating lazily in the air, they passed over me. The motion of the clouds was LAAAAAANGUID. Suddenly the birds disappeared, leaves went quiet. The bowler bowled an extremely lazy ball which was answered by an equally lazy stroke (and the fielder didn't even bother to follow the ball.) From what I saw, the world was lazier than a lazy donkey which sits in the sun because it's lazy to move and go into the shade. All this laziness made me feel lazy. I fell asleep and now when I wake up, I realize something. Yes! this is what inspires laziness. :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Searching for Answers

I run from one end of the cave to the other
desperately seeking light.
I clear the haze and mist in front of my eyes
only to find more than I can take.
I Walk down streets, roads and crosses
wondering what I could have done differently.
How much ever I think, I'm still miles away from it.
That it will eventually catch up with with me
is what frightens me the most.
Like a splinter in my head,
driving me crazy, driving me mad.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Historic moments caught on camera

On weekends, when you go to the office and discover you have nothing great to do, so you decide to check out the girls' restroom [Historical Significance: Entered a girl's restroom for the first time after puberty]

You spot this prehistoric, decrepit bar. People coming out of it and lying on the road. You are totally excited and add it to the "must
visit spots" in Bangalore [Historical Significance: Your favorite brand of vodka is nowhere to be seen in this desi bar :(]

Though this chick doesn't look slick and sexy in this pic, she actually was! What's more! we stalked her from Garuda Mall to Brigade road! [Historical Significance: Stalked a chick for about half a mile and managed to click a photo too :P]

It's drizzling, so you open your umbrella. A gust of wind comes and takes the wind out of your umbrella! Now that your umbrella has ditched you, it starts raining heavily :( [Historical Significance: Mother nature bitchslapping you. Caught on camera :D]

Caught on camera! what interns are upto :P
[Historical Significance: Mondays are boring 'coz you don't wanna come out of the weekend mode. Fridays don't see any work 'coz you are too excited to slip into the weekend mode.But wednesdays exhibit the eternally strong laziness and bc tendencies in all of us! :D]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

An ode to Kothari Complex

When we came to Bangalore, we first went to this place called Kothari Complex. We decided to settle at some other place, but our friend Venkat still stays there.

This poem is dedicated to Venkat. He rocks.......... {warning - might be explicit}

Kothari, Kothari, Kothari
why so totally awry?
a pro will definitely come
and then she will "come"!!!
till then... don't worry :)


Sunday, June 8, 2008

HR Managers - A non-objective classification

I've had my mind on writing this post for sometime and now that it has been over a month since I joined the internship program, I can base these facts somewhat well. :P

Before I begin, some things -

Non-objective... but why?
The facts have been created and not discovered :P + this discussion assumes that we are talking only 'bout the ladies... :D

a) Pr Type -
- They come to the office dressed in skirts (mostly in light colors) and dark top (I've seen several shades of red go well with the skirts.)

- Generally have straight hair, maybe last moment use of hair straightening irons or something...

- These people represent the global face of the company and are mostly found introducing the companies, giving out press details, etc.

- Hard to spot them in cafeteria, recreation centers, gyms and lounges because they are either out or have everything on their desk. Lunch, coffee, documents, anything!

b) Sh Type -
- Generally dressed in sleeveless kurtis. Have an awesome face, come with nice, sophisticated bags and all. Great accessories to complement their looks.

- Their hairstyle is bad, lazily put together with a clip or something. But have these awesome glasses. Like the ones Preity Zinta wears in Kal ho na ho.

- They come to the office with the Let-us-get-it-done attitude. Though it's us who actually do everything in the end :(

- Work really hard and are sometimes seen discussing their work place problems and pressures of working hard all day long.

c) An Type -
- Among all the types these are the oldest of all.

- Come dressed in saris, they look stunning. Stunning as in a respectful way, 'coz they are in the higher rungs of the company.

- Mostly very serious, they have a weird sense of humor and tend to crack these very silly jokes which put you in a dilemma - should I laugh or not?

d) Sa Type -
- Most beautiful of all (seriously!!!) They come to the office in these formal shirts and trousers.

- Have great english. Talk 'bout things other than work too.

- Actively involved in discussions. Have an active presence in social networking sites like Facebook and all.

- The worst part is that they give you loads of work and you never realize it until you get back to your desk. It's like "haste haste kaam de diya aur tumhe pata hi nahi chala tumhara kab kat gaya :P"

e) Me Type -
- Among all the HR managers, the most informally dressed. They come to the office in tops, jeans, converse style shoes.

- They are seen running around taking printouts, following their seniors and all that stuff.

- The best part is you can always go out for lunch with them, though the only problem is that by the time you go there, someone else would have done it... :(

- seen in malls during the weekends where you can always stop by and have a quick hi-hello-bye-see you act.

Hopefully this list is not gonna be exhaustive.............. :)


Calvin - The latest avatar of fundaebaazi

Read on to get a clearer picture

History is the fiction we invent to persuade ourselves that events are knowable and that life has order and direction. That's why events are always reinterpreted when values change. We need new versions of history to allow for our current prejudices.
- calvin

Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success.Flat stretches of boring routine... And valleys of frustration and failure.
- calvin

I used to hate writing assignments, but now I enjoy them. I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!
- calvin

Saturday, May 17, 2008

BBC, here we come!

Hey there! For all those depsos who are bored in the city which offers the best nightlife... here's BBC - Bored Bangaloreans' Club. With a slew of activities lined up every weekend, we are sure you'll find yourself in the thick of things and what's more! you'll say goodbye to our club in no time... So! what are you waiting for?? Apply straight away to get out as fast as possible.

Just to set the ball rolling, here's a rough idea of things to come

1. Bungee Jumping at MG Road

2. Stand very close to the VIP stand in the cricket stadium and shout - "Katrina you're so hot but you're also so dumb!!" :P

3. Just like they did in Eurotrip, get a bus full of Liverpool fans (not Manchester Utd. :D) and become rowdies.

4. Get a camera in a room, dump all the people there and play some elimination games, with lots of politics.

Some of the things we are definitely NOT going to do -

1. Watch OC or Gossip Girl in the weekends and drool over their lifestyles

2. Drink vodka all saturday night and wakeup with a hangover on sunday and do nothing

3. Watch Manchester Utd. Vs. Chelsea shitting it out in the Champions League final.

4. Watch a Deccan Chargers match.

5. Going to Cafe Coffee Day just because you don't have anywhere else to go!

Here's hoping people join this club and have loadsa fun....................................................

till then,

Friday, May 9, 2008

In a far away

land (where things were still as sane as we think they are in the fairy tales) there was a boy who played pool a lot. But then he used to work in a company where there were deadlines. So he decided to do the worst. He decided to stay in the office late night and play pool but then compilcations arose. His productivity fell. His attitude took a blow and his credibility went for a toss!! man... in no time he was in the same world as us. Screwed up!! Today he feels guilty but there is no place for remorse in the world. Even in harry potter's world, what great did snape get with his remorse?? Try as hard as you may, you can never think of a reason which can justify the rationale behind things as they happen in this world... :(

Friday, May 2, 2008

Off to Bangalore!!

Oops! or rather Bengaluru. Totally excited. Though not so 'bout most of the things one might expect but 'bout the scope of things I'd be trying out there. Have some major plans. Maybe some people might join me there too :P My train would be arriving Bangalore at around 10:30 in the morning and most prolly my bro will pick me up. My agenda for the first day is already chalked out --

a. Go to The Forum. It's just a kilometer and a half from my bro's place and is totally awesome!!

b. Maybe scout for a place of stay for the next 2.5 months... yeah! 2.5 months!! that means my summer hols are gone though... :(

c. Chill maaro!! :P


ok... then ciao! and my next blog post will be in Bangalore!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

NDTV And Headlines Today

Most people see these two news channels as rivals but I beg to differ :D They both complement each other very well and they must be tuned next to each other for maximum fun (and yeah a bit of knowing-what-is-happening-in-the-world thing too.) What is best is that both deal with very different kind of news. While NDTV is all for junta needs to know and journalism is the gift of god, Headlines Today is more of gossip related news.

So it's not surprising to see that while NDTV is carrying out a story on children dying after taking measles vaccines, Headlines Today is covering The Great Khali's escapades with The Big Show (in case you don't know our very own khali tried showing some gandhigiri, in well, the most violent of the games we can get to see today :D) It's absolutely of no use to argue over which channel is a better news channel as they both are doing their part of the job well and that is where my point of tuning both the channels side by side comes up. It's so awesome to listen to what both have got to offer. It's so entertaining to watch NDTV discuss the effect of the creamy layer thingy on the whole process of admission while Headlines Today talks about the wardrobe malfunction of... guess who?? J K Rowling!!!! :D (sorry to digress but) Apparently the strap of her gown came off and revealed her... oops!!! :P Her agent (in true Matrix isshtyle) moved in a flash to save her the disgrace!! Guess what? Someone is in dire need of Invisibility cloak to protect herself from the mysterious forces!! :P

Among other things, I was all over the place in City Center Mall today. Was there for about 2 hrs. Also went to the Spencer's plaza (a km down the Banjara Hills road from City Center Mall.) Went to iStore and saw all the Apple Ads on a Macbook Air. They were friggin' awesome and so was the machine I saw them on :P and yeah I'm having a tough time getting the tickets for Tashan... seems like I'm not the only one dying to watch it!

ok then... Bye!

Mumbai Indians - way to go!!!

Of all the matches I've seen in IPL, the CSK Vs MI match is gotta be the best. Over 400 runs scored in 40 overs and everyone putting their everything in order to get their team to victory, it was totally a match worth watching. And with the bulls (read Deccan Chargers) shitting their way to glory, it's time to change loyalties. :P

Apart from that, the UEFA Champions League semi-finals are also taking place. As I'm writing this, Barca Vs ManU is gonna start in a few minutes and I'm hoping to see some action here... Specially the duel b/w Messi and Ronaldo. Maybe also because yesterday's match proved to be a damp squib :( The match was a boring one, and Liverpool were unlucky too... when they sent the ball into their own goal at the last moment and thus tied the match 1-1. Though slightly disappointed that Henry has been made to sit on the bench :)

Great! A penalty. Milito blocks ronaldo's header and ManU is awarded a penalty. But Ronaldo succumbs to pressure and ManU fails to capitalize with an early goal... :)

ok,,, then I'll watch the match now.

btw, I'm going to the Vancouver Film School's Roadshow tomorrow. Totally excited to meet those guys there. Hopefully it'll be fun... and maybe something nice to eat too! :P and yeah in case you're wondering what VFS is... here it is.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gopal @ blogspot!!


Today I showed the amazing capabilities of live writer to gopal!! He was impressed!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Manhattan

If there's any place I'd love to be, it's gonna be Manhattan. Everytime I watch some movie set in Manhattan I fall in love with that place! I would so give anything to walk in that Central Park. Walk in those long green avenues... walk across those blocks(that kid in Little Manhattan talks 'bout it rite!)

and finally go the Upper East Side too... maybe check out a few private schools there! :P

one must watch Little Manhattan. Once again... to see Manhattan and New York City in general. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yana Gupta - The new blonde in the town!!

Yana gupta is the newest gal to sport the blonde look! Some others, as you might have noticed, are Saif Ali Khan, Bebo (didi :D) and Akshaye Khanna in their latest flick Tashan (bam!) Deviating from the topic, I must say that Tashan is one movie I'm very much looking forward to. Why??

  • I don't know what Tashan means!! :( want to watch the movie to check it out... :D
  • To watch the chemistry b/w Saif and bebo (I still feel bad for Shahid :( but then it seems he's hooking up with Jiah Khan!! :P)
  • thanks to this peice in a bebo interview -

reporter : so, aapne tashan ke liye itna weight lose kiya? Kya apne movie mein bikini pehna hai... jiki wajah se apne weight reduce kiya?

bebo : nahi jab role weight lose karne ke liye demand karta hai to, wieght lose karna padta hai... :(

reporter : so... apne bikini pehni hai!

bebo : uske liye aapko movie dekhni padhegi :)

ok, coming back to the main topic - Yana is now a blonde gal! She was looking friggin' awesome. Though I have a thing for brunettes, even a blonde like Yana or Serena in Gossip girl look great! :D and guess what? she is doing some Hip-Hop number now in which she has lent her own voice. Yeah! that's right you'll get to listen to her singing too!! this only proves one thing... that gangsta rap is going places :P

though the hip-hop number is a sexy, raunchy one with Yana shaking her leg quite literally, the other songs are, as told by her, reflections of her life in the past few months and years. Now I see, it's not only us who have been writing reflections! :P


no funda for today... :( :(

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yeh Hai Jalwa!!!

As much as I hate to make my blog an RSS feed of reality shows, this is one show which I'd never miss to talk about! God knows when the show is gonna premiere or has it even hit the air, but I'd love to watch the show, atleast once, 'coz it has something different in it. It definitely not because of the usual crap like "it's the first reality talent show without a judge panel" or "the audience and the junta will be the ultimate judges of the show as their votes would decide the fate."

So what's so special about the show?

Reality shows is the newest testbed for experiments. Beauty and the Geek by Ashton Kutcher was one such attempt. Yeh Hai Jalwa seems to the the brainchild of Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan(I'm not sure... just guessing from what I saw :D) The best part is the hosts! The hosts of the show are Smriti Irani(Tulsi of Kyunki saash bhi kabhi bahu thi) and Tanveer(Parvati of Kahaani ghar ghar ki), the hallowed bahus of the Indian Soap Operas(this is advantage of watching the preview of the show with many aunties! You get to know who is what!! :D)

The show was basically about fusing indian songs with western ones and coming up with the right moves. The contestants were dance troupes consisting of some "laymen" and TV stars. Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan were the guests in the show commenting on the performances. Rakhi Sawant, the queen of item numbers was the first one coming up with a junglee number.  Though it was not a fusion number it definitely managed to lead to some con-fusion with almost the entire junta in the audience not getting what the dance was all about!!! :P

There were some more performances, one by Shewta Tiwari(Prerna in Kasauti Zindagi Ki) who along with her "comrades" danced to a fusion of our very own telugu song, a ante Amalapuram and some song by Christina Augilera. Rohit roy and Rosa Catalano(yeah!! Saif's ex-girlfriend!) came up with some waltz again mixed up with some hindi song. All in all, a timepass show which one can always watch! :P

Funda of the day : Aunty Gossip - The genre or brand of gossip which you get to listen when you hang out with all the aunties in your apartments in your gali.

Aunty1 : Pata hai, chaawal ka bhaav bad gaya hai, khaana kya banoongi? :(

Aunty2 : woh supermarket waala to fizuul mein aur bhi paise maar raha hai!! x-( Reliance fresh to itna door hai, kaun jaayega!! :(

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ideas Lost!

In fond memory of all those ideas lost. All the ideas which could never see the face of this world. Maybe because the thinker wasn't brave enough or the circumstances around him were too intimidating. Either way, things happened for the worse and all that is left to say is this poem

So what if this world is a place where ideas rain
What if something spectacular comes out of this brain
Who cares if there are ideas on which one can think
and things which one might want to link
at the end of the day, everything goes into the drain

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Machines with wisdom?

Prof : You can't be an experimentalist! Do you really think you can think of an algorithm which works in all the cases. x-(

The fact is everytime I see myself trying to solve a problem in AI (Vision to be specific!) and trying to make the machine think, I somehow get a feeling that I've adopted the machine and now I'm morally obliged to take care of it and do everything in order to make it think. Do you know what that means? You have to slip into the boots of the machine. Think in the same way as it does - sequentially, one thing after the other. And this is where problems begin. I can't seem to think straight. Crazy it may sound but more frustrating is the fact that each and every guy seems to be thinking straight!

People sometimes ask you of the thing you are most afraid of. This is what I'm afraid of... that a day might come when you would have lost your confidence over yourself. Let alone think of the solution to a simple problem, you can't even think systematically. :(

Today If I would have got a chance, I would love to go back in time and do things differently, undo the damage of some of the decisions I've taken this far. But then it's life rite! It's an adventure!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

On movies

A few days back I, Srirang and Bhargava were having this discussion on bollywood movies when I realized that I had missed out on a lot of good movies. For example, till yesterday I didn't watch Rang De Basanti. Not that I never got the time to watch it. But then better late than never!!

The film was awesome and would very easily be one the best movies I've ever seen. But the most impressive were the dialogues in the movie. I felt they were kinda inspirational. It was the first movie of Soha Ali Khan that I had seen and so I don't know whether she is really a good actor or she acted very awesome only in this movie... I guess it was the talent of Aamir Khan which inspired everyone to act really well.

So what's next??

I plan on covering a few more movies which are tagged as a "must see" like

1. Munnabhai MBBS
I really wanna watch this movie. They say it has a mix of everything and it's a bit senti towards the end too! It might seem a bit amusing but I have seen Lago Raho Munnabhai. Lago Raho... was nice. I actually saw it bacause I sorta like Vidya Balan :D

2. Dil Chahta Hai
Another cult movie. People sometimes laugh that I never saw this movie. The problem is I can't get hold of the movie!!

3. The last 45 min of Lagaan
Actually I was watching this one at home when power went off and I could never see the last 45 min... as above can't seem to find this anywhere either!!

4. Taare Zameen Par
My cousins actually stopped talking to me for a week or two when I told them I didn't watch this movie!! This will be the movie I'll cover first. By the time you are reading this post, hopefully, I would have covered the movie!!

5. Chak De India
One more of those inspirational movies, Srirang calls it a must watch movie and has also told me that I should cover it immediately after Taare Zameen Par.

I'm planning on covering these movies and then maybe i'll check on a few hollywood movies too. Did I ever tell you that Forrest Gump is the only movie of Tom Hanks I've ever seen?? :D

Crappy Point#1 : This post has been as a draft for quite sometime now... Thought let's post it!

Crappy Point#2 : Went to attend a Blogger's meet in MS campus yesterday. Nice Campus, nice food, nice people, boring session... :(

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

what happens next?

I enter my room. The room is dark, so I go and switch on the tubelight. An instant later, the room is lit and I suddenly look at the shabbiness of my room. NO PROBLEM!! I'll just go with it. Maybe just switch off the light and have a nice good sleep.

So, I switch off the light and get under the blanket. It's too hot now and I realize I forgot the fan. SHIT!! Get out of the bed and switch on the fan. Now it's better, but you don't feel like sleeping anymore... Pick up a book and start reading it da! So I pick up and switch on the light (yet again!) and start reading it. You start feeling drowsy... your eyes drooping... you are about to fall asleep... you are almost there... that someone knocks the door!! SHIT!!

Wassup man! Did you check that mail? Did you talk about that thing... did you check out that girl... did you know Pepe Jeans is having 50% discount... bc, bc++, bc 2.0!!! basically another night gone awry :(

moral of the story -- neva mind! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Days back then...

Time :: Maybe when I was in my 8th class

I and my gang of 4 others, we would run to our friend's place and grab a stool or a chair and sit in front of the TV and tune to Star World. We would all wait with our mouths wide... very wide... extra wide open.... Why??? Because it was BAYWATCH da!!

Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth were two people who made us look forward in life and expect some really good things... And then there was another favorite of ours... V.I.P!!! How can one ever forget that show which used to come on AXN!! Totally friggin' awesome it was!

Back in those days, I was a confused guy, but life was great back then... I wish I could relive those moments... :( Just for once.