Thursday, July 9, 2009

Presidents and PMs exchanging pleasantries

Today while reading the newspaper, I saw a pic of the Obama and medvedev sitting in a hall talking while all the press guys were taking photos. Ofcourse the press would have been asked to fuck off while these guys discussed matters of grave importance which would affect you, me and everyone in the world(all the pun intended as it's the two biggest nuclear countries we are talking about here.) They were incidentally enjoying a blame game, blaming each other for all the problems in the world today. As suspected, nothing much came out of the meeting.

But that is not why I'm writing all this stuff here. Everytime I see this pic of two world leaders sitting and talking, I feel kinda strange and start wondering what they might be talking about? Take the example of Obama and Medvedev. Medvedev doesn't know english and (obviously) Obama doesn't know russian, but still were seen yapping with each other to glory. What exactly were they talking? Or were they just posing? Why did they push the interpreters away? Why? What? and how? :(


But this is not the only problem that is haunting my head right now. I generally have loads of things going on in my head at any point of time and the thing that is bothering me the most is the way in which it is raining here in Hyderabad. It starts drizzling at around late evening and continues will into the midnight. This sort of drizzle bordering on dry and wet kills me 'coz a. I bought an umbrella and have not been able to do paisa-wasool till now and b. the plants kept in my house are drying and dying for getting water.

So god, please show some mercy and don't bring this carnival of dust and drought on us. Show us some water around, some puddles and some showers. Amen