Friday, June 15, 2007

Moon Shine... :O :D

Fedora 7 was released a couple of days back (for the uninitiated, Fedora 7 is a variant of the GNU/Linux Operating System) and with Kulbir and Gopal writing it off, I was really not sure if I was going to install it. Nevertheless I went ahead and and to say the least, I wasn't disappointed. The most obvious thing was the MoonShine theme. Parachutes in air at night bathing in the moon shine. Had William Wordsworth seen the picture, he would have written a poem :P I opened a terminal and to my surprise, the fonts had changed. I recognised the fonts! They are of Red Hat Enterprise Linux!! :P I immediately made a few changes... Lucida Mac fonts for desktop, A redhat logo for desktop! All in all, Fedora 7 is nice, though I'm not sure if they've made any dramatic change in the OS.

Crappy Point #1 : Ubuntu 7.04 is also great, but then I'll always be loyal to Fedora. I'll use Ubuntu to only rescue my system :P

Crappy Point #2 : It's so friggin' great to write posts like these...

Crappy Point #3 : This need to solve life's mysteries from the simplest of questions is so very typical of renaissance!! :P