Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mid day timepass

so I went to NBH mess sometime near two in the afternoon for my lunch. I filled my plate with stuff and sat on one table. I was relishing the taste of cauliflower that I saw this girl. Black top. Straight hair and sunglasses adjusted above her forehead. I never saw her here in the campus before and I'm telling you she's not from IIIT-H. So I was like ogling at her all the while. She completed her lunch and went to wash her plates. Just then some friend of mine came by and said hi... I said hi. We exchanged some pleasantries and then he went away.

That's when she came out, she was waiting near the place where plates are stacked(not inside but outside where they usually keep milk and tea) and while she was waiting, she caught me looking at her. Damn it! I tried to look away but it was too late. She saw me! A moment later I tried to again look at her and she caught me again! fuck! what happened to my technique? Where did I lose it!! Anyways, I decided to keep ogling at her and did so. She must have like taken pity on me and may have allowed me to stare at her. Dude! I wasn't staring at her just for the heck of it. I was staring at her to give enough material for this post here :D So I was like telling myself that this is so totally my type of gal - tall, wearing dark ash colored jeans, sunglasses and all. That's when I saw her sandals. They were like an inch and a half high heels. It's rare to find chicks in campus wearing such high heels. So, she was like waiting for someone... maybe her brother (why spoil my day by thinking it was her boyfriend??) and started walking towards the door. I knew she was giving me this cold look. So what did I do? I... well I... did the best thing possible. I put my tongue as if making a :P expression!! :P

I felt bad that this saga came to end here. But I knew it couldn't have. It can't. So I looked outside and there she was walking slowly (with her brother :P)on that road towards the library. In a flash I got up, dumped all the stuff in my plate, washed my plate so fast... Man I think I may have even beaten sharat in this :P and came out. By this time, she had pretty much come close to that barricade but I didn't lose hope. My strides were huge and covered distance pretty fast. I had almost crossed 3/4th of the football ground that I saw her entering the library block. Like that sprinter who puts his everything in the last few meters, I too put everything and made even larger strides. She was gone. I checked the library, checked CDE and also prof. B I's office :D No sir! she wasn't anywhere to be seen...

I was feeling hungry all over again. But then I didn't go to coffee shop. I instead opened my blog and here I'm writing all this as a post.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

big ass and other irrelevant stuff

People often say I'm thin, but trust me I'm not. The other day, I was looking at myself and got a feeling that I'm getting a bulge. Yea.. you are right, the perennial problem of secondary growth, which is also called growing horizontally. I gave a goodbye kiss to vertical growth a few years back but that doesn't mean I'll let this h. growth stay here. NO! I shall not. So coming back to the topic - So I was looking at myself and realized that all the chocolates have started affecting me. My ass has started bulging! Gawd!!! If I don't stop it, I'll become a male version of Kim Kardashian... DUDE!! I can't even picture it. GROSS!!!

Two weeks ago, I used to spend atleast 25 rupees daily on chocolates. There was a time when I ate 6 Munch(es) - those chocolate wafer sorta thing in one hour. That is huge you know. It's not like I'm boasting of some record. It's bad. REAL BAD. Everyone has to pay a price for the stuff he/she does and my big ass is just a testament of that fact. I could've easily fallen prey to chocolate and made my life a sad story of chocolate addiction - the kind of life that could be documented and shown to children to stop chocolate addiction.

But that was two weeks ago and I've cut down on a lot of stuff. I'm eating healthy you know. There was a severe withdrawal problem as far as chocolates are concerned. Slowly reducing it, I've totally cut down on chocolates. Today I can proudly say that it will be the third day since I have not eaten any chocolate. I don't feel anything happening either. I ofcourse have the OBH shopkeeper offering me kit kat, perk and munch but now I moved onto a higher plane by refusing to fall for the greed. You may ask how? Well it's simple. I collected all these gross images of malnourished African children dying of hunger and all. I now have them in my mind and picture them everytime I seem to fall for chocolates. Believe me, it works! It's a sad, stupid, maybe hideous way of controlling stuff, but then that is what things have come to.

leaving on a good note, I should also tell how happy I'm on seeing my blog again on blogroll. The past few months which have seen my blog posts always without comments were bad as far as my blogging career is concerned. Hopefully things will now change.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ever since the new people arrived, I have been having hots for a particular girl from pg. Two days ago, I was washing my plate alongside her that I saw how she wasted so much of water. She kept scrubbing the plate for a long time, chit-chatting with a friend beside her and all this time the tap was open and so much water went waste. Man! I felt terrible. With every passing moment, I felt she would NOW realize it and close the tap... BUT NO! and I didn't do it either. Felt it would be too rude. At the risk of sounding judgmental and all, I have to say that I have begun to see her in poor light.

Among other things, I'm stuck in my work. There is "no dawn as far as my research is concerned" would not be an exaggeration. Plus everyone these days seems to do KLPD. Why does it always appear to me as if everyone around is conspiring to fuck all my plans? why? WHY? WHY? WHY???????????

>blink< >blink<

Whoever said that you feel much lighter after venting out your frustration in a blog is one A-rate ch***ya. His ideas are nothing more than a piece of whore shit. "coz I still feel the same. No change here at all :(