Monday, April 9, 2007

What I did in the final class of the Artificial Intelligence course

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The last class in AI was a bit philosophical with our professor discussing what AI really is. Bored, I started writing something, then drawing something. The result was a page full of crap!!

Some of the lovely things i had done on the page were ---

1. write an empty openGL code!!! Man! I think i'm going crazy now...

2. Drew a triangle and tried to derive the sine rule, of course I don't remember a thing about it now!! (though unsuccessful :( )

3. Our professor was talking about human brain being a thick network of neurons... associativity huh? i've tried to put it there!!

4. How I wish I could go to some place in my holidays :(

5. Mera Bharat Mahan!! Frustoo!!! Despo!!

6. A bird, a dinosaur, an elephant!!

7. A nice, lovely "if and only if" symbol!!

I guess I've loaded this post with enough crap already. I don't I need to bore you further...

Sunday, April 1, 2007

What the hell!

What has happened to me! Why am I not able to write anything here!!!

Everytime I sit to write something, I either lose track or lose my interest. Boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen, Never lose track of your sights...

Crappy point #1 : omg!, am I sounding despo, frustoo, whatever!

Crappy point #2 : Saw Scarlett Johansson in Matchpoint yesterday. She looks too goodin that movie!

Crappy point #3 : Don't have any idea what to read in ToC and Algorithms!

Crappy Point #4 : I am in CSE/D!