Saturday, August 30, 2008

totally random phone calls

There was a girl. Her name was Swapna. There was a guy, Madhav. Swapna and Madhav were chums and most prolly used to hang out together. It so happened they gave each other their numbers. So instead of our classic, thoroughly tested technique of giving the other guy a miss call and recording the number, they "gave" each other their numbers. It so happened that Madhav gave his number as 9989314387, which was the number of this guy by the name Sashidhar. Blissfully unaware, Sashidhar was browsing the net when he got the first call.

tring-tring!! tring-tring!!
###I pick up the phone and without our usual hello, she starts!###
Swapna - enti madhav phone enduku cheyatiledu?? :( What's up Madhav?? why aren't you calling me??
Sashidhar - ok, i think...., meeku wrong number aiyindi! ikkada Madhav undadu!! idi sashidhar :) I think u've got the wrong number. Madhav doesn't live here. This is sashidhar.
Swapna okkkk... sorry.

###Two minutes later, my mobile rings again and it's the same number###
Swapna - hello madhav! nuvva?? Hello, Madhav! is it you??
Sashidhar - nopes! this is still sashidhar. meeru oka pani cheyandi. naaku madhav number chappandi. crosscheck ceddamu! tell me madhav's number. let's crosscheck it!
Swapna ok ###pauses for a few seconds and### 99894314387. that is the number.
Sashidhar ###ok, this Madhav dude has really done it this time! gave my number to her!!### ok... meeru number correct chepparu, but ikkada Madhav undadu! You've given the correct number, but this isn't Madhav's number. ###and i keep the phone###

###a minute later, i get the phone again. You might ask why do i even bother it. Why don't I ignore the call.. But the thing is the day had been boring till now and something was needed for timepass###
Swapna - Hello! Madhav?? lepote sashi?? Hello. Madhav? or is it still sashi??
Sashidhar - It's Sashidhar. Still the wrong number... :X
Swapna - ok... oka pani cheyavaa... me pakka inti lo Madhav ani everena untara?? vaadu maybe me phone number ichaadu! ok... do one thing. check if you have Madhav living around you. Maybe that's why he gave me your phone number.
Swapna Sorry ikkada evearu Madhav ledu! Sorry! There is no Madhav!! ###and hung up###

###then go to drink water, have a small chat with this guy near the water cooler and come back to the room in about 10 min and I see that I have already got 2 missed calls from her!!! A minute later, she calls again. Girl in distress!!###
Swapna - hello, Sashidhar? Madhav dorkeda?? Hello sashidhar! did u get Madhav!!???!! :O
Sashidhar - ok... first nenu madhav ki etakavanki vella ladu. inka ikkada Madhav undadu. Nenu hostel lo untanu. naku telusu, na pakkana evaru untaro! first, I didn't go searching for Madhav and second, I live in a hostel. I know who lives around me! ###shit! why did I ever have to say that!!!###
Swapna - Hostel aa?? College lo unnava?? e college?? Hostel?? U r in college or what?? which college?
###now why did she ever have to ask that! something stupid is going on here!###
Sashidhar - iiit - hyderabad.
Swapna - okkkkk... sorry for the phone calls. Bye.
###felt kinda sad for her. Wasted three phone calls and still din't get hold that Madhav dude!!###

With this incident I am actually reminded of the Priya-Anita-Sohan incident. Wanna share it but this post is already too long. So I'll do it in the next one!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What inspires laziness?

Standing in the corridor, I was staring at the sky. The sky was clear except for these slender patches of white, as if someone had lazily painted a few strokes of white on a blue canvas. A few friends of mine had just started a game of cricket. Birds were flying in flocks over the hostel. The leaves were rustling in a sprightly fashion. All was well till I saw these wispy cotton like clouds at the horizon. Floating lazily in the air, they passed over me. The motion of the clouds was LAAAAAANGUID. Suddenly the birds disappeared, leaves went quiet. The bowler bowled an extremely lazy ball which was answered by an equally lazy stroke (and the fielder didn't even bother to follow the ball.) From what I saw, the world was lazier than a lazy donkey which sits in the sun because it's lazy to move and go into the shade. All this laziness made me feel lazy. I fell asleep and now when I wake up, I realize something. Yes! this is what inspires laziness. :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Searching for Answers

I run from one end of the cave to the other
desperately seeking light.
I clear the haze and mist in front of my eyes
only to find more than I can take.
I Walk down streets, roads and crosses
wondering what I could have done differently.
How much ever I think, I'm still miles away from it.
That it will eventually catch up with with me
is what frightens me the most.
Like a splinter in my head,
driving me crazy, driving me mad.