Saturday, May 17, 2008

BBC, here we come!

Hey there! For all those depsos who are bored in the city which offers the best nightlife... here's BBC - Bored Bangaloreans' Club. With a slew of activities lined up every weekend, we are sure you'll find yourself in the thick of things and what's more! you'll say goodbye to our club in no time... So! what are you waiting for?? Apply straight away to get out as fast as possible.

Just to set the ball rolling, here's a rough idea of things to come

1. Bungee Jumping at MG Road

2. Stand very close to the VIP stand in the cricket stadium and shout - "Katrina you're so hot but you're also so dumb!!" :P

3. Just like they did in Eurotrip, get a bus full of Liverpool fans (not Manchester Utd. :D) and become rowdies.

4. Get a camera in a room, dump all the people there and play some elimination games, with lots of politics.

Some of the things we are definitely NOT going to do -

1. Watch OC or Gossip Girl in the weekends and drool over their lifestyles

2. Drink vodka all saturday night and wakeup with a hangover on sunday and do nothing

3. Watch Manchester Utd. Vs. Chelsea shitting it out in the Champions League final.

4. Watch a Deccan Chargers match.

5. Going to Cafe Coffee Day just because you don't have anywhere else to go!

Here's hoping people join this club and have loadsa fun....................................................

till then,

Friday, May 9, 2008

In a far away

land (where things were still as sane as we think they are in the fairy tales) there was a boy who played pool a lot. But then he used to work in a company where there were deadlines. So he decided to do the worst. He decided to stay in the office late night and play pool but then compilcations arose. His productivity fell. His attitude took a blow and his credibility went for a toss!! man... in no time he was in the same world as us. Screwed up!! Today he feels guilty but there is no place for remorse in the world. Even in harry potter's world, what great did snape get with his remorse?? Try as hard as you may, you can never think of a reason which can justify the rationale behind things as they happen in this world... :(

Friday, May 2, 2008

Off to Bangalore!!

Oops! or rather Bengaluru. Totally excited. Though not so 'bout most of the things one might expect but 'bout the scope of things I'd be trying out there. Have some major plans. Maybe some people might join me there too :P My train would be arriving Bangalore at around 10:30 in the morning and most prolly my bro will pick me up. My agenda for the first day is already chalked out --

a. Go to The Forum. It's just a kilometer and a half from my bro's place and is totally awesome!!

b. Maybe scout for a place of stay for the next 2.5 months... yeah! 2.5 months!! that means my summer hols are gone though... :(

c. Chill maaro!! :P


ok... then ciao! and my next blog post will be in Bangalore!