Friday, December 18, 2009

Vicky and Cristina in Barcelona

by god, kya movie hai yaar! and here I thought Woody Allen had lost that charm of his :X Just watch this movie. It's really good in a different way.

Plus points of the movie
a. Scarlett Johannson, Penelope Cruz.
b. Shot in Spain giving it an exotic, european kinda look.

Juan has a lot of talent and he knows he has it. The way he totally changes when talking to Cristina and then to Vicky is something I should maybe learn someday. But deep within, both were falling for him for the same precise reason.The narration kind of reminded me of "Annie Hall" and "When Harry met Sally" Great movie, nice timepass of two hours, which you won't regret.

But what stuck me most was the girl-girl love making thing. It's as if people in US are doing all they can to bring this phenomenon out of closet (not that I'm complaining!) If you've seen FRIENDS season 1, you might remember what chandler's mom says when she hears about Ross's wife (that she was a lesbo) One thing that is for sure is that It's almost every guy's fantasy but what about gals? Do they think about it too. I mean gal with gal. Look at Katy Perry's video, the lyrics of the song are meaningless but they do send some signals. I guess it has to do with gals coming from Venus and being totally different from guys. That's why I say I'm a totally worried person whenever some news comes that stem cell research is achieving new breakthroughs.