Wednesday, February 6, 2008

what happens next?

I enter my room. The room is dark, so I go and switch on the tubelight. An instant later, the room is lit and I suddenly look at the shabbiness of my room. NO PROBLEM!! I'll just go with it. Maybe just switch off the light and have a nice good sleep.

So, I switch off the light and get under the blanket. It's too hot now and I realize I forgot the fan. SHIT!! Get out of the bed and switch on the fan. Now it's better, but you don't feel like sleeping anymore... Pick up a book and start reading it da! So I pick up and switch on the light (yet again!) and start reading it. You start feeling drowsy... your eyes drooping... you are about to fall asleep... you are almost there... that someone knocks the door!! SHIT!!

Wassup man! Did you check that mail? Did you talk about that thing... did you check out that girl... did you know Pepe Jeans is having 50% discount... bc, bc++, bc 2.0!!! basically another night gone awry :(

moral of the story -- neva mind! :)