Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yesterday, while having my usual stroll, starting from the NBH mess to the dried-up-lake point (infamously known as the smoker's point too), I suddenly stopped in front of the motorola school and began to stare at the stage (in the ground) as if it had just sprung out of nowhere. Cutting short my stroll, I sat down by the ledge and began recollecting all the things I had seen happening here.

The first thing that came to my mind was the performance of Nemesis and After Death during the rock show in Felicity 06 and the performance of Insomnia a couple of weeks later. I had started listening to rock some years back, but watching a live performance was beyond anything. Though I know as much as nought in guitar and stuff, I could easily make out that before each performance, the team guitarists would first make sure they were getting the right feedback from the speakers etc. Being one of the volunteers of the rock show, I saw the enormous effort that had gone into getting all the amplifiers and other stuff to work properly and in sync with each other. Getting a first hand experience of all these things could not have been possible without the rock show! Earlier I used to wonder why would anyone feel like haedbanging when one would listen to metal/rock songs. One look at the people around me (headbanging ofcourse) on that night and realised how natural it was! I still remember how the entire crowd erupted into hysteria when that guy (Nemesis, from IIT Kharagpur) started playing that particularly superb peice of solo guitar in Comfortably Numb. All in all, that night was a night to remember!

Crappy Point#1 : I'm still in Black List number 3. With Felicity and an overload of assignments and stuff like that, NFS has taken a backseat :X

Crappy Point#2 : I dropped my fx-880MS casio scientific calculator yet again. This was the 1001th I dropped it. Though it is still working properly, I doubt if it will be able to survive another fall. No matter how many times I try to keep it in, I always take it out the next moment for some stupid purpose!

Crappy Point#3 : The food in NBH mess has started degrading again. As far as I'm concerned, I see it as a sign of change and hope. Everytime the quality of food at NBH starts degrading, people start exploring other options forcing the mess guy to sit up and take notice!

Crappy Point#4 : I'm really missing the 3rd floor!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Done with Exams!

Today, I woke up at 8:00. With exams behind my back and still in a mood to have some fun, I decided to have a quick bounty run in NFS Most Wanted before going for breakfast. The police pursuit turned out to be the best one so far. I was in pursuit for 17 minutes and reached heat level 5. I had completed all the milestones and was all ready to evade Sergeant Cross' corvettes but got busted! shit!

Decided to check orkut before going for breakfast. Didn't get any scraps! shit! Went to google and tried searching for ibm pSeries. A link pointed to FC5's installation problems in IBM pSeries. Read what was written and decided to give it a shot. Had my breakfast and in no time, I was in the lab, trying what was written on the site. After struggling with the machine for about 3 hours, I managed to get Fedora Core 5 working. linux working --> excellent! 3 hours wasted --> shit!

Wasted some more time in the lab, went to the mess and had my lunch. Came to the room and did what I did best... waste time browsing the net. Feeling guilty, I opened my openGL code to complete it (or rather make a decent beginning!) but soon lost interest. Assignment postponed by a day more! shit!

Crappy Point#1
After a lot of struggle, I finally managed to build beryl from source code. While the binaries were being built, I managed to download many beryl themes(minimalist are my favourite ;) ) The buttonless ones are really cool!

Crappy Point#2
For the (n+1)th time, I changed my wallpaper and this time it is Kaley Couco. The wallpaper blends very well with my current beryl theme!

Crappy Point#3
Curd was very good in mess today. I managed to get my hands on 3 cups of curd and ate my favourite curd rice with our typical mess waala "alu coora" :X

Crappy Point#4
If anyone reading this blog has ever built Lapack and Blas libraries from source, please drop me a mail or better still call me. My number is (+91)9989314387 !!

Ok! Today's Shit factor ---> 4/16 = 0.25

Technically speaking, My first post!

Just ignore the shit below in the previous post. I was trying something stupid, the details of which are least necessary right now...

Moral of the story ---> Ignore the previous post!