Tuesday, February 2, 2010

some time back

and here i am with yet another post on music. But this time it's about the stuff I used to listen to when I was in school days. Like all good stories, everything starts out good. For me it all started in early 1998 when we got a new TV. The crappy old BPL that we had before that had only 8 channels and there were no channels like cartoon network or CNN or MTV :( So when the new TV came, I almost became a couch potato trying out channels, watching new stuff, etc. Add to it, our school later shifted from a 6 day to a 5day school with saturday becoming "activity" day. I mostly used to bunk that "activity" day and watch TV. There were so many incentives you see. Baywatch used to come on saturdays when my mom used to be out and it was an important part of a typical saturday for me. It was at this same time that I started to watch many english songs and their videos. During those days our cable operator was hathway and it was considered a huge thing. They used to run this channel ITV where you call the system and through IVRS select a song. Mannn!!! people used to sit all afternoon trying to get the number. It was always engaged! The stupid thing is today ITV is not there anymore :( Instead we have Hi! TV which is filled with loadsa punjabi and hindi music. No problem with that but there were very few english songs and if I wanted to listen to hindi songs, I could've gone to B4U or ETC during those days.

Anyways the point of this post is not to talk about the music channels. This post is about the really nice music I used to listen to during those days. It was different. There was always this thing of songs looping over and over again in ITV and also music channels like MTV and Channel V. It was always possible to watch a song atleast three or four times everyday until you got bored and I used to listen to so much of stuff that I was able to spend almost entire day on TV just like that. I used to listen to backstreet boys and britney spears and westlife too but there was a lot of other stuff too and sadly today hardly people know these songs :( So this is a list of all those songs which seem to have gone off people's minds.

Artist - Moby. This was one video I loved watching! People know how I keep listening to a song over and over again and this was definitely one of them. I used to just listen to this song. Again and again and if possible again. :)

Pop Duo - Paola e Chiara. This is one song (and the other was ek pal ka jeena from kaho na pyaar hai) which were *instrumental* in changing my hairstyle from a side partition to somewhere in the middle partition. There is this guy with black shades looking from somewhere in back. Man, His hairstyle was so awesome during those days :)

Artist - Kimkay. Yes! I used to listen to whatever was there. This song was weird but had a really hummable tuney. I used to catch this song on ITV atleast two or three times everyday and god only knows how many times it used to come. :D I tried searching for the original video but seems like it's not there on youtube. But the most saddening part is that the singer of this song - Kimkay is suffering from some cancer and chances of her coming out ok are quite bleak :((

Artist - Chemical Brothers. Again a dance mix. I'm not much of a dancer but I like such electronica and dance stuff a lot. Even Moby's Lift Me Up was something of that sort.

Artist - Las Ketchup. Another song I loved! Even the girls were/are hot. My mom never approved me of watching this video. She used to give me the sort of looks. :O

Artist - Michelle Branch. At that time I might not have realized it but this may have been my first ever tryst with alt. rock. I loved the eeriness of the video and the way she looks at the camera. Today in this post avatar world of graphics, CG and VFX, the video seems a bit old and flawed but I still love it!

ok, I'll post some more such videos as and when I remember them!