Thursday, April 24, 2008

NDTV And Headlines Today

Most people see these two news channels as rivals but I beg to differ :D They both complement each other very well and they must be tuned next to each other for maximum fun (and yeah a bit of knowing-what-is-happening-in-the-world thing too.) What is best is that both deal with very different kind of news. While NDTV is all for junta needs to know and journalism is the gift of god, Headlines Today is more of gossip related news.

So it's not surprising to see that while NDTV is carrying out a story on children dying after taking measles vaccines, Headlines Today is covering The Great Khali's escapades with The Big Show (in case you don't know our very own khali tried showing some gandhigiri, in well, the most violent of the games we can get to see today :D) It's absolutely of no use to argue over which channel is a better news channel as they both are doing their part of the job well and that is where my point of tuning both the channels side by side comes up. It's so awesome to listen to what both have got to offer. It's so entertaining to watch NDTV discuss the effect of the creamy layer thingy on the whole process of admission while Headlines Today talks about the wardrobe malfunction of... guess who?? J K Rowling!!!! :D (sorry to digress but) Apparently the strap of her gown came off and revealed her... oops!!! :P Her agent (in true Matrix isshtyle) moved in a flash to save her the disgrace!! Guess what? Someone is in dire need of Invisibility cloak to protect herself from the mysterious forces!! :P

Among other things, I was all over the place in City Center Mall today. Was there for about 2 hrs. Also went to the Spencer's plaza (a km down the Banjara Hills road from City Center Mall.) Went to iStore and saw all the Apple Ads on a Macbook Air. They were friggin' awesome and so was the machine I saw them on :P and yeah I'm having a tough time getting the tickets for Tashan... seems like I'm not the only one dying to watch it!

ok then... Bye!

Mumbai Indians - way to go!!!

Of all the matches I've seen in IPL, the CSK Vs MI match is gotta be the best. Over 400 runs scored in 40 overs and everyone putting their everything in order to get their team to victory, it was totally a match worth watching. And with the bulls (read Deccan Chargers) shitting their way to glory, it's time to change loyalties. :P

Apart from that, the UEFA Champions League semi-finals are also taking place. As I'm writing this, Barca Vs ManU is gonna start in a few minutes and I'm hoping to see some action here... Specially the duel b/w Messi and Ronaldo. Maybe also because yesterday's match proved to be a damp squib :( The match was a boring one, and Liverpool were unlucky too... when they sent the ball into their own goal at the last moment and thus tied the match 1-1. Though slightly disappointed that Henry has been made to sit on the bench :)

Great! A penalty. Milito blocks ronaldo's header and ManU is awarded a penalty. But Ronaldo succumbs to pressure and ManU fails to capitalize with an early goal... :)

ok,,, then I'll watch the match now.

btw, I'm going to the Vancouver Film School's Roadshow tomorrow. Totally excited to meet those guys there. Hopefully it'll be fun... and maybe something nice to eat too! :P and yeah in case you're wondering what VFS is... here it is.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gopal @ blogspot!!


Today I showed the amazing capabilities of live writer to gopal!! He was impressed!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Manhattan

If there's any place I'd love to be, it's gonna be Manhattan. Everytime I watch some movie set in Manhattan I fall in love with that place! I would so give anything to walk in that Central Park. Walk in those long green avenues... walk across those blocks(that kid in Little Manhattan talks 'bout it rite!)

and finally go the Upper East Side too... maybe check out a few private schools there! :P

one must watch Little Manhattan. Once again... to see Manhattan and New York City in general. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yana Gupta - The new blonde in the town!!

Yana gupta is the newest gal to sport the blonde look! Some others, as you might have noticed, are Saif Ali Khan, Bebo (didi :D) and Akshaye Khanna in their latest flick Tashan (bam!) Deviating from the topic, I must say that Tashan is one movie I'm very much looking forward to. Why??

  • I don't know what Tashan means!! :( want to watch the movie to check it out... :D
  • To watch the chemistry b/w Saif and bebo (I still feel bad for Shahid :( but then it seems he's hooking up with Jiah Khan!! :P)
  • thanks to this peice in a bebo interview -

reporter : so, aapne tashan ke liye itna weight lose kiya? Kya apne movie mein bikini pehna hai... jiki wajah se apne weight reduce kiya?

bebo : nahi jab role weight lose karne ke liye demand karta hai to, wieght lose karna padta hai... :(

reporter : so... apne bikini pehni hai!

bebo : uske liye aapko movie dekhni padhegi :)

ok, coming back to the main topic - Yana is now a blonde gal! She was looking friggin' awesome. Though I have a thing for brunettes, even a blonde like Yana or Serena in Gossip girl look great! :D and guess what? she is doing some Hip-Hop number now in which she has lent her own voice. Yeah! that's right you'll get to listen to her singing too!! this only proves one thing... that gangsta rap is going places :P

though the hip-hop number is a sexy, raunchy one with Yana shaking her leg quite literally, the other songs are, as told by her, reflections of her life in the past few months and years. Now I see, it's not only us who have been writing reflections! :P


no funda for today... :( :(

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yeh Hai Jalwa!!!

As much as I hate to make my blog an RSS feed of reality shows, this is one show which I'd never miss to talk about! God knows when the show is gonna premiere or has it even hit the air, but I'd love to watch the show, atleast once, 'coz it has something different in it. It definitely not because of the usual crap like "it's the first reality talent show without a judge panel" or "the audience and the junta will be the ultimate judges of the show as their votes would decide the fate."

So what's so special about the show?

Reality shows is the newest testbed for experiments. Beauty and the Geek by Ashton Kutcher was one such attempt. Yeh Hai Jalwa seems to the the brainchild of Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan(I'm not sure... just guessing from what I saw :D) The best part is the hosts! The hosts of the show are Smriti Irani(Tulsi of Kyunki saash bhi kabhi bahu thi) and Tanveer(Parvati of Kahaani ghar ghar ki), the hallowed bahus of the Indian Soap Operas(this is advantage of watching the preview of the show with many aunties! You get to know who is what!! :D)

The show was basically about fusing indian songs with western ones and coming up with the right moves. The contestants were dance troupes consisting of some "laymen" and TV stars. Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan were the guests in the show commenting on the performances. Rakhi Sawant, the queen of item numbers was the first one coming up with a junglee number.  Though it was not a fusion number it definitely managed to lead to some con-fusion with almost the entire junta in the audience not getting what the dance was all about!!! :P

There were some more performances, one by Shewta Tiwari(Prerna in Kasauti Zindagi Ki) who along with her "comrades" danced to a fusion of our very own telugu song, a ante Amalapuram and some song by Christina Augilera. Rohit roy and Rosa Catalano(yeah!! Saif's ex-girlfriend!) came up with some waltz again mixed up with some hindi song. All in all, a timepass show which one can always watch! :P

Funda of the day : Aunty Gossip - The genre or brand of gossip which you get to listen when you hang out with all the aunties in your apartments in your gali.

Aunty1 : Pata hai, chaawal ka bhaav bad gaya hai, khaana kya banoongi? :(

Aunty2 : woh supermarket waala to fizuul mein aur bhi paise maar raha hai!! x-( Reliance fresh to itna door hai, kaun jaayega!! :(