Thursday, October 23, 2008

The last one?

I thought it was only me but there are others who are thinking on the same lines too. One of my most favourite bloggers has decided to stop writing. I sort of used to see a bit of myself in what she wrote. I never wrote anything about a lot of things that I would generally love to sit and chit-chat about, because it was already there on her blog. But today it isn't and something is amiss.

When I first started this blog, the one thing I wanted to do was to constantly ask myself how deep the rabbit hole goes? How long can I keep writing about the stuff that I write about ? Sadly I've lost most of those sentiments. Maybe because there is a different question I'm asking myself. Maybe something else. Maybe because, like her, I too am a bit selfish when it comes to me. Like Sharukh Khan puts it, it's always about me, my stardom, my family, my wife, my world, etc, etc...

In these 2 + something years as a blogger, I've written about a lot of stuff. Stuff which might not even make sense now. Ok, agreed everything has it's own place, serious contemplations, moments to laugh at, poetic reflections, etc, etc... but then change is inevitable. Change comes back to haunt us because it's the only permanent thing in life. I'm an optimist, not as big an optimist as Andy in Shawshank Redmption, but an optimist nevertheless. I see this as a sign that a phase has just passed. Maybe it's time to move on. Not necesarilly to greener pastures but also to some drylands with only forage bushes around.

Today as I stand on a crossroad, I don't know if it's a goodbye or just a hibernation, but whatever it is, i'll come to know about it in due time. Till then I'll just pretend this space was never mine...

till then adios!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 reasons why IMDB is bad

imdb is a very good resource when it comes to movies, movies and tv shows' trivia. everything is fine except the top 250 list. For some stupid reason, it's going to the dogs. :( but why?? here's why

1. God Father part 2 in 3rd place. ok agreed i go gaga over dark knight and all but godfather part 2 is definitely not better than dark knight. Dark Knight never deserved this kind of a treatment x-(

2. Once upon a time in west on 19th position. anyone who has seen the movie will agree that the movie is boring and the plot has been stretched more than the elastic of a sagging underwear. it is a disgrace in the name of western classics.

3. Fight club in 23rd position. were the hell did all that junta go who say that fight club is one of their favouritist movies? i feel it should be somewhere in top 15

4. Forrest Gump in 46th position. need I say anything more? if tom hanks ever saw it, he would feel bad for all the running he did and the bullet he took in his ____.

5. Annie Hall and Ratatouille beyond 100. Someone once told me that you can tell if a movie is great if u find any 10 min sample of the movie good. Atleast on that basis, Ratatouille and Annie Hall are both very good movies and deserve to be atleast in top 100.

atleast this is what i feel :|