Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 reasons why IMDB is bad

imdb is a very good resource when it comes to movies, movies and tv shows' trivia. everything is fine except the top 250 list. For some stupid reason, it's going to the dogs. :( but why?? here's why

1. God Father part 2 in 3rd place. ok agreed i go gaga over dark knight and all but godfather part 2 is definitely not better than dark knight. Dark Knight never deserved this kind of a treatment x-(

2. Once upon a time in west on 19th position. anyone who has seen the movie will agree that the movie is boring and the plot has been stretched more than the elastic of a sagging underwear. it is a disgrace in the name of western classics.

3. Fight club in 23rd position. were the hell did all that junta go who say that fight club is one of their favouritist movies? i feel it should be somewhere in top 15

4. Forrest Gump in 46th position. need I say anything more? if tom hanks ever saw it, he would feel bad for all the running he did and the bullet he took in his ____.

5. Annie Hall and Ratatouille beyond 100. Someone once told me that you can tell if a movie is great if u find any 10 min sample of the movie good. Atleast on that basis, Ratatouille and Annie Hall are both very good movies and deserve to be atleast in top 100.

atleast this is what i feel :|


cre8ive said...

You can't impose your choice on others. I mean if you like some movie its not necessary that some other person likes that movie too.

I don't think there's a huge difference between 23rd and <15th positions. Maybe Top 15 movies are liked by more number of people than the 23rd one.

Also, some people may give low ratings to the movie which is competing with their favourite one. so they give less ratings(and sometimes without even watching that movie). I'm not sure whether such votes are considered in imdb or not. But after all its a possibility and hence can't be ignored.

Bharat said...

Dude remember imdb list is not 250 "best" movies of all times, its just 250 most popular. So, there is no reason to be unhappy about the standings.

Besides there are many ways to adjudge a movie. Go to the imdb boards of the top movies and you'll see a new thread everyday saying that movie is bad and then then will be replies from some overzealous fans but there might also be replies from people who are actually in the business, have "studied" acting and other such professional activities. Read those and you will be know more about why films like one 'upon a time in west' are preserver by afi dudes.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the "cult" status is also somewhat fabricated. Many of those movies were flops of their time but now considered masterpiece, on counter, titanic is not there. Although 10 yrs down the line who knows? The list is now extremely volatile with widespread use of technology. Otherwise inspite of your claims of dark knight being better than godfather-2, i doubt it will ever surpass it in the AFI or such lists.

In the end, its bummer that your fav move is not up there but chill! I hate the fact that Pacino had to wait 20 fking yrs for an oscar he deserved numerous times before it. But i live with it.

Ooh, didn't realise i wrote so much..

Jimmy Narang said...

I usually use rottentomatoes.com. There are abstracts of (and links to) various newspaper/magazine reviews, and the ratings do not take public votes into account; only the reviews.

Or of course, you could simply rely on NYTimes :D !

The many faces of stupidity said...

i was actually in a frustoo mood today. opened imdb, and decided to vent out my frsutration. the post was a result of this....

Anonymous said...

Fight Club is one of those movies which are made to "prove" the geniosity of actors and writers but not to really entertain the audience. I think its highly overrated even to be on the 23rd spot.

Shiben Bhattacharjee said...

nice post. half of the ppl like god father only 2 mix wid their pessimistic frnds

sid said...

godfather is awesomeness :)

bah, dark knight is good, great, but seems a bit flawed at times ;)

Abhishek said...

I got your back buddy... I completely agree! :)

Ghost Runner said...

@ bharat
'Dude remember imdb list is not 250 "best" movies of all times, its just 250 most popular.'
most popular u say ? all the more reason justifying the sheer truth of this post !!

@ the author:
reg. first 4 points: I will lay my life at stake to support your opinion :D