Thursday, September 18, 2008

My decadence

It all started with the fever. The fever's gone but the feeling's still there. I don't feel like sitting in front of the computer and work. How can one sit in front of the computer when one can instead go out and roam? The weather is so totally awesome. Cloudy and breezy. One would want to take an umbrella, go out and walk in the rain.

Nothing seems to inspire me to sit in front of the machine. I've walked atleast 5-6 kms in the last two days hoping to "find" inspiration. I've spent hours doing nothing, hoping that, the activity of doing nothing will frustrate me and I'll start doing something. But no! nothing is working!! Is this it? is this My Decadence??

Standing on the edge of a cliff,
I look down the abyss, so very deep
No thought, no plan, I make a leap.
Too bad, I didn't jump well.
There were rocks down under, I hit them.
Hit one and broke my arm.
Though much was the pain, it wasn't the end.
I hit another and broke my neck.
As I lay on the ground, the last thing that came to me -
show me how deep the abyss is...
atleast the next time, I'll not try this.


Kulbir Saini said...

seems everyone has got fever ...

harshu said...

I find an element of comedy and pain both together in this. :P
makes an interesting read.

Gopal said...

I see some kind of melancholy in those lines.. If I'm correct in saying so, what's that cliff da?

hellboy said...

visualize chestunte nuvvu describe chesina scene .. konchem navvu vastondi :P ..

Namrata said...

Too young to call this a quarter life crisis and too used to this situation to call it a crisis in the first place. Just go with the flow !!!

aniket said...

Hate to take advantage of your situation, but you write best when you're depressed. And we're running short of stuff to publish in the mag.
So why don't you just always remain depressed? Please!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you visit the art gallery? How was it?

sashidhar said...

@karan nopes... I didn't. It rained that day :(

@all thanks for the comments! :D

neuron said...

what you exactly need is: mcdonalds kaa 'happy' fuckin' meal and a hot cuppa.

On a serious note,'decadence' you say? you might want to step into the shoes of the Trojans, Hitler or the Soviet Union leaders to know what it's really like.

neuron said...

aha! naaahice! for the next segment of the -h crowd. i swear, i'm going to write on an imaginary beverage brand called 'Sashi Whines' along with its logo. keep rolling.