Saturday, July 12, 2008

Historic moments caught on camera

On weekends, when you go to the office and discover you have nothing great to do, so you decide to check out the girls' restroom [Historical Significance: Entered a girl's restroom for the first time after puberty]

You spot this prehistoric, decrepit bar. People coming out of it and lying on the road. You are totally excited and add it to the "must
visit spots" in Bangalore [Historical Significance: Your favorite brand of vodka is nowhere to be seen in this desi bar :(]

Though this chick doesn't look slick and sexy in this pic, she actually was! What's more! we stalked her from Garuda Mall to Brigade road! [Historical Significance: Stalked a chick for about half a mile and managed to click a photo too :P]

It's drizzling, so you open your umbrella. A gust of wind comes and takes the wind out of your umbrella! Now that your umbrella has ditched you, it starts raining heavily :( [Historical Significance: Mother nature bitchslapping you. Caught on camera :D]

Caught on camera! what interns are upto :P
[Historical Significance: Mondays are boring 'coz you don't wanna come out of the weekend mode. Fridays don't see any work 'coz you are too excited to slip into the weekend mode.But wednesdays exhibit the eternally strong laziness and bc tendencies in all of us! :D]