Sunday, April 1, 2007

What the hell!

What has happened to me! Why am I not able to write anything here!!!

Everytime I sit to write something, I either lose track or lose my interest. Boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen, Never lose track of your sights...

Crappy point #1 : omg!, am I sounding despo, frustoo, whatever!

Crappy point #2 : Saw Scarlett Johansson in Matchpoint yesterday. She looks too goodin that movie!

Crappy point #3 : Don't have any idea what to read in ToC and Algorithms!

Crappy Point #4 : I am in CSE/D!


Meha said...

i know how that feels, my sympathies are with you, my friend!! =) check my blog out sometime, though it would be a lot of work readin, my entries run into four goddamned pages hehe!!

rorschach said...