Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ever since the new people arrived, I have been having hots for a particular girl from pg. Two days ago, I was washing my plate alongside her that I saw how she wasted so much of water. She kept scrubbing the plate for a long time, chit-chatting with a friend beside her and all this time the tap was open and so much water went waste. Man! I felt terrible. With every passing moment, I felt she would NOW realize it and close the tap... BUT NO! and I didn't do it either. Felt it would be too rude. At the risk of sounding judgmental and all, I have to say that I have begun to see her in poor light.

Among other things, I'm stuck in my work. There is "no dawn as far as my research is concerned" would not be an exaggeration. Plus everyone these days seems to do KLPD. Why does it always appear to me as if everyone around is conspiring to fuck all my plans? why? WHY? WHY? WHY???????????

>blink< >blink<

Whoever said that you feel much lighter after venting out your frustration in a blog is one A-rate ch***ya. His ideas are nothing more than a piece of whore shit. "coz I still feel the same. No change here at all :(


shashank said...

liked it

Neuron said...

Whoever said that you feel much lighter after:

a) venting out your frustration in a blog

b) taking a breath of fresh air out there

c) having a wank

d) talking a long walk, long drive and similar bullcrap

is a fuckin' spazz himself. Nothing Changes.

Kalyan Ram Vempati said...

Damn ... U shud hav shut the tap urself man! That's individuality. DO it the next time... In the worst case where u don't get the chick, lesser water would be wasted.