Sunday, August 30, 2009

Every time I walk down the faculty quarters road, I look at all that wasted land and imagine what it would have been if we would have grown weed there. Cannabis to be more precise. Those dried twigs in the sun - they would have given the air there something different. One could have just gone there and stay there, taking deep breaths and get high... or maybe (mel)low as people call the feeling.

Sometimes I get a doubt. What the hell is argon doing there, up so high in the percentage wise terms? Isn't it shitty that we have to put up with a gas like argon which is seemingly so useless and all. I propose that we change it forever. Let's instead have the smell of weed in the air instead of Argon. That way, we can all enjoy some quality high. How? Take deep breaths. If we take 10 mL of air in very breath, we would have 0.075 mL of weed in our body => take 100 such deep breaths and we will have enough of it in our bodies to get high. so what say? i'm not talking trash rite??

lemme know if someone's interested. We'll think about it. for now... ciao

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