Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mumbai Indians - way to go!!!

Of all the matches I've seen in IPL, the CSK Vs MI match is gotta be the best. Over 400 runs scored in 40 overs and everyone putting their everything in order to get their team to victory, it was totally a match worth watching. And with the bulls (read Deccan Chargers) shitting their way to glory, it's time to change loyalties. :P

Apart from that, the UEFA Champions League semi-finals are also taking place. As I'm writing this, Barca Vs ManU is gonna start in a few minutes and I'm hoping to see some action here... Specially the duel b/w Messi and Ronaldo. Maybe also because yesterday's match proved to be a damp squib :( The match was a boring one, and Liverpool were unlucky too... when they sent the ball into their own goal at the last moment and thus tied the match 1-1. Though slightly disappointed that Henry has been made to sit on the bench :)

Great! A penalty. Milito blocks ronaldo's header and ManU is awarded a penalty. But Ronaldo succumbs to pressure and ManU fails to capitalize with an early goal... :)

ok,,, then I'll watch the match now.

btw, I'm going to the Vancouver Film School's Roadshow tomorrow. Totally excited to meet those guys there. Hopefully it'll be fun... and maybe something nice to eat too! :P and yeah in case you're wondering what VFS is... here it is.


Anonymous said...

shit! i thought MI can never get close to chasing down 209 after the 4th wicket fell. missed the great fight they put.

hey don't forget to bring your id card to the roadshow.They might ask.

have u watched MTV wassup? it's a nice way to kill time when you're at home

namrata said...

I cant get past the name Mumbai Indians. Its such a ridiculous name for the most expensive team in IPL. I am glad Ronaldo missed his penalty and hoping Liverpool have better luck in the second leg.

rahul said...

After yesterday's match,you must have realized that Liverpool vs Chelsea was way better

Liv vs Chelsea wasn't quite a damp squib. I have seen many a match more boring this very season