Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yeh Hai Jalwa!!!

As much as I hate to make my blog an RSS feed of reality shows, this is one show which I'd never miss to talk about! God knows when the show is gonna premiere or has it even hit the air, but I'd love to watch the show, atleast once, 'coz it has something different in it. It definitely not because of the usual crap like "it's the first reality talent show without a judge panel" or "the audience and the junta will be the ultimate judges of the show as their votes would decide the fate."

So what's so special about the show?

Reality shows is the newest testbed for experiments. Beauty and the Geek by Ashton Kutcher was one such attempt. Yeh Hai Jalwa seems to the the brainchild of Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan(I'm not sure... just guessing from what I saw :D) The best part is the hosts! The hosts of the show are Smriti Irani(Tulsi of Kyunki saash bhi kabhi bahu thi) and Tanveer(Parvati of Kahaani ghar ghar ki), the hallowed bahus of the Indian Soap Operas(this is advantage of watching the preview of the show with many aunties! You get to know who is what!! :D)

The show was basically about fusing indian songs with western ones and coming up with the right moves. The contestants were dance troupes consisting of some "laymen" and TV stars. Saif Ali Khan and Sajid Khan were the guests in the show commenting on the performances. Rakhi Sawant, the queen of item numbers was the first one coming up with a junglee number.  Though it was not a fusion number it definitely managed to lead to some con-fusion with almost the entire junta in the audience not getting what the dance was all about!!! :P

There were some more performances, one by Shewta Tiwari(Prerna in Kasauti Zindagi Ki) who along with her "comrades" danced to a fusion of our very own telugu song, a ante Amalapuram and some song by Christina Augilera. Rohit roy and Rosa Catalano(yeah!! Saif's ex-girlfriend!) came up with some waltz again mixed up with some hindi song. All in all, a timepass show which one can always watch! :P

Funda of the day : Aunty Gossip - The genre or brand of gossip which you get to listen when you hang out with all the aunties in your apartments in your gali.

Aunty1 : Pata hai, chaawal ka bhaav bad gaya hai, khaana kya banoongi? :(

Aunty2 : woh supermarket waala to fizuul mein aur bhi paise maar raha hai!! x-( Reliance fresh to itna door hai, kaun jaayega!! :(


Maruti said...

rofl at aunties gossip

Deepti said...

You sit with aunties and care to listen to their stuff :P ? Btw,I have another serial for you. It is soo soo dumb,called Mr n Miss TV .. The judges are Sonali Bendre and some very bad looking guy..wait i think he is Mr.Madhur Bhandarkar..Fultoo timepass to watch the performances though!

Anonymous said...

while reading in flow i read
"Aunty1 : Pata hai, chaawal ka bhaav bad gaya hai :("


"Aunty1 : Pata hai, chawla ka bhaav bad gaya hai :("

and I was like wtf :P

anyway good post ... at least its different from geekays dumb posts :D