Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ideas Lost!

In fond memory of all those ideas lost. All the ideas which could never see the face of this world. Maybe because the thinker wasn't brave enough or the circumstances around him were too intimidating. Either way, things happened for the worse and all that is left to say is this poem

So what if this world is a place where ideas rain
What if something spectacular comes out of this brain
Who cares if there are ideas on which one can think
and things which one might want to link
at the end of the day, everything goes into the drain


Anonymous said...

Nice post man. But you spoiled it by writing the crappy point!

The many faces of stupidity said...

done! For one post, I can get rid of the crappy points :)

Anonymous said...

nice poem!

Anonymous said...

Ideas will never be lost
One life is too small to lose your ideas
Each idea hath its time
The time might come after your time
but the idea has to bide its time without you!!
Someday the idea will resurface again!!

Know it sucks!!!! :P but wanted to answer this way!!

Gopal Koduri said...

sashi.. awesome poem ra.. but I agree with what himank has said, ideas are never lost.. :)

Vee... said...

nice post..

Anonymous said...

nice poem..
nicely rhymed..
Could relate to myself for once...[:)]