Thursday, April 24, 2008

NDTV And Headlines Today

Most people see these two news channels as rivals but I beg to differ :D They both complement each other very well and they must be tuned next to each other for maximum fun (and yeah a bit of knowing-what-is-happening-in-the-world thing too.) What is best is that both deal with very different kind of news. While NDTV is all for junta needs to know and journalism is the gift of god, Headlines Today is more of gossip related news.

So it's not surprising to see that while NDTV is carrying out a story on children dying after taking measles vaccines, Headlines Today is covering The Great Khali's escapades with The Big Show (in case you don't know our very own khali tried showing some gandhigiri, in well, the most violent of the games we can get to see today :D) It's absolutely of no use to argue over which channel is a better news channel as they both are doing their part of the job well and that is where my point of tuning both the channels side by side comes up. It's so awesome to listen to what both have got to offer. It's so entertaining to watch NDTV discuss the effect of the creamy layer thingy on the whole process of admission while Headlines Today talks about the wardrobe malfunction of... guess who?? J K Rowling!!!! :D (sorry to digress but) Apparently the strap of her gown came off and revealed her... oops!!! :P Her agent (in true Matrix isshtyle) moved in a flash to save her the disgrace!! Guess what? Someone is in dire need of Invisibility cloak to protect herself from the mysterious forces!! :P

Among other things, I was all over the place in City Center Mall today. Was there for about 2 hrs. Also went to the Spencer's plaza (a km down the Banjara Hills road from City Center Mall.) Went to iStore and saw all the Apple Ads on a Macbook Air. They were friggin' awesome and so was the machine I saw them on :P and yeah I'm having a tough time getting the tickets for Tashan... seems like I'm not the only one dying to watch it!

ok then... Bye!

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Gopal Koduri said...

awful news man, are u sure it's NDTV? our dear Eenadu does put up such things, shamelessly on the front page, few times..