Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Days back then...

Time :: Maybe when I was in my 8th class

I and my gang of 4 others, we would run to our friend's place and grab a stool or a chair and sit in front of the TV and tune to Star World. We would all wait with our mouths wide... very wide... extra wide open.... Why??? Because it was BAYWATCH da!!

Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth were two people who made us look forward in life and expect some really good things... And then there was another favorite of ours... V.I.P!!! How can one ever forget that show which used to come on AXN!! Totally friggin' awesome it was!

Back in those days, I was a confused guy, but life was great back then... I wish I could relive those moments... :( Just for once.


namrata said...

AXN used to be an awesome channel - 'Who dares wins' , 'Survivor' etc etc. Of late Star World and Zee Cafe have been the better channels. As for Baywatch the brothers at the Holy Name convent I studied in used to see it as well :P ! Keep blogging!

rorschach said...
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Anonymous said...

i dunno if this'll help but i recently found a decent 7X (yes, animals) in DC.
do check it out :P

Anonymous said...

You sounded so much like me!
My friends say that I delve too much into the past. Maybe they're right, but the old times seem just sooo good.

@Namrata: How in the world did you come to possess this piece of information???

namrata said...

@Aniket - One of 'em was our teacher and he told us that in the class.