Sunday, December 9, 2007

Strange, Stranger and fubar!

An intellectually stimulated guy after watching Om Shanti Om had his own views on the matter.

Sharukh Khan : Agar tum kisi cheez ko paane ki koshish karo to saari kayanat tumhe use milane se nahi rok sakti"

However, this guy X had something else to say here. "The harder you try to achieve something, double the effort is put by the world to completely F**K your case!!"

Think about it, it's actually right! None of our plans ever materialize. Partly 'coz of our laziness but mostly because things around us are so very pissing off... :X

Thanks to Hawkins, the pressure building around us has become so intolerable that upholding on'e Prestige is an uphill struggle.

Phatta of the day
Me (in Amitabh Bachchan style) : Mein orkut mein hoon, mein Facebook mein hoon, mySpace mein hoon, Flickr mein hoon, Photobucket mein hoon, Youtube mein hoon, mein hoon... Tu kisme hai bey??

Him (slightly shocked and looking around) : Mein apne room mein hoon...

Till then...
xoxo CRAP BOY :D


Prateek said...

Wah Kya Phatta hai ... Wah Kya Phatta hai.
There are better shows than Gossip Girl.

General Bordeaux said...

you are fubar -> "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair" :)

Deepti said...

Iam damn sure that every phatta in this post is a product of your own mind factory.And I agree with Prateek-there are shows way better than Gossip Girl.

The many faces of stupidity said...

@ deepti, prateek : It's not like I am terribly in love with the show or something. It's just that I fell in love the phrase "xoxo gossip girl" !!! otherwise the show is only slightly better off than the crap I post here! :D

rorschach said...

What The Bloody FuCk!!!!!

namrata said...

Only someone like you can come up with a joke like the Hawkins one. On a serious note do write something that does not stereotype you further. I am sure you are pretty intelligent.

@Prateek and Deepti - Gossip Girl rocks! Especially Chuck :P