Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On a day, not so cloudy
Standing on the road (like a rowdy)
watching the traffic in marredpally
I saw a beggar, his hair so unruly
just then a hot girl passed by (riding a scooty)
wearing a faded denim capri

Just then my mom called me
and gave me a gujia so yummy

Aah! So crappy!!

I so very desperately wanna write one more poem!! :D


General Bordeaux said...

wtf ? why everybody is after writing poems ??? anyway somehow it rhymes ... better than your PJs :P

aniket said...

totally disagree with the general. this 'poem' is worse than any of your p pjs.

Himank said...

Completely agree with aniket... your PJs have some quality.. They are legen(wait for it some time)...... dary in world of PJs while the same can't be said about the poem... :P

namrata said...

As inconsequential and crappy this poem may be it made me laugh.So I guess you have a future as a poet.Dont give up on it!!We need more crap in blogosphere.Keep blogging!