Thursday, May 3, 2007

pissed off???

When I left my institute for home, I had made a small list of what to do in the holidays (the list was short because the journey was quicker... more about it in the end) As usual I slacked off. Rather than doing all that stuff, I resorted to doing some really frustrating stuff. From watching cartoon shows in telugu to experimenting with cleansing lotion to my face, I had tried various things... but not the stuff I had planned on...

crappy point #1 : Ameerpet roads, a shining example of how hyderabad's roads can really show you the middle finger was different this time. the result -- rather than reaching home in some 2 hrs, I made it in a little more than an hour!

crappy point #2 : AC Milan Vs Man U match was booooooooooooooooooring... ok, one knew AC Milan would always win, but it looked as if Man U was never interested in playing!

crappy point #3 : NFS MW is still not complete! I still need to defeat Blacklist #1 driver. I just got Mclaren Mercedes and it's awesome!


Meha said...

stupid Man U ; i'm angry!!! say, you backing Milan or Liverpool?

namrata said...

I am a huge Liverpool fan and hate Man U.CRonaldo is hot though[:)].The match between Milan and Man was pathetic.My dad's a huge Milan fan so he wasnt complaining.I was hoping for a rematch of the 2005 League final and thankfully Man U dint make it.Keep blogging.