Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Till a fews days back, standing on the footboard of the bus seemed to be the most exciting thing. But not anymore. Now it is footboarding in the local train, also called MMTS. Though suggested by Gokul Srinivasan (one of my role models! :D) in the first place, I actually didn't get an opportunity to try it. But now that I've tried it, all I can say is that it's an awesome experience.

As the air rushes to meet you... hitting you on the face.
You lean out of the door. You see the bridge down under. What if I set my hands free and take a free fall (like Peter in the Heroes...)
And then comes the Begumpet station. At this point it's better if you leave the footboard! It's because the next thing that is going to come is the Hussain Sagar Lake and with it comes a whole lot of stench. You see a bridge and underneath it, a stream whose water is black. You wish you could dip your fountain pen in it and take some of the jet black liquid as ink...

crappy point #1 : I call such a post (Whatever)^whatever!! :))))

crappy point #2 : How I wish I could not be sashidhar for a while... :(


Karan said...

Try footboardin in those superfast trains.. zootin along @ 100kmph is an awesome exp.

Anonymous said...

u mean gokul srinivasan?

Sumanth said...

I still rmr a friend of mine slipping frm a local train while footboarding.. best of luc with that ;)!

The many faces of stupidity said...

@ anonymous : oops! yeah, it's Gokul not Gopal! I've corrected it... :)