Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cribbing?? Me??

Yesterday while coming back from my institute, I came along with my room mate. He wanted to buy an external harddisk. As usual we headed to CTC (Chenoy Trading Center) in Parklane. After spending about half an hour bargaining, we decided to buy a hitachi 80 GB harddisk for Rs.3000. I guess we cracked a good deal.

Are you wondering why am I boring you with my tales?? Well, the thing is I wanted to talk about the attitude of the shopkeepers there. Let us consider a few of the many things I noticed...

1. As we all are aware, Pentium D is not a true dual core. A true dual core offers Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) whereas pentium D offers Thread Level Parallelism. Pentium D is nothing but a pseudo dual core. Rather than buying a pentium D, it is much (much, much) better to buy an AMD X2 or a Core 2 Duo processor both of which are true dual core processors. It was really sad to see the shopkeeper trying his level best to get rid of his pentium D stock by recommending it to everyone. Ok, agreed Core 2 Duo is costlier than Pentium D but then what happened to AMD X2s... They are great and in some cases slightly better than Core 2 Duo!

2. Come to the motherboard. The shopkeeper is again trying his best to get rid of the old motherboards. Today even laptops have an FSB of 667 MHz. Our honorable shopkeeper was selling a 533 MHz motherboard to the customer. It would be a bad idea to invest in a motherboard with an FSB less than 667 MHz. 800 MHz would be much better and 1033 MHz would be great!

3. Come to the processor again! processors come with company warranty. Many shopkeepers in order to be completely sure that only those processors which they sell come back to them, make a signature on the golden circuitry on the back side of the processor. Now what should one call this?? assholicity??

Ok, now back to what we do the best! Post Crap!

Crappy Point #1 : I felt ultra pissed off at home. Decided to run away. Took my bag and ran away from the house while my mom was busy scolding the watchman. It was only in the bus that I called her and told her not to make lunch for me. 8)

Crappy Point #2 : I broke my toe nail again. It happened while I was climbing the bus. A bastard stepped on my leg and tore the nail away!! :X

Crappy Point #3 : Standing on the footboard while the travelling from the Jubilee Hills Checkpost to Satyam Center is an awesome experience. One must try it some day!!


Karan said...

Dude.. obvs shopkeeper's will try to do that.. their job's to mint money, so chillax!

Gvsreddy said...

Nice post dude....I learned a lot about processors.......but calling the one who stamped your foot as bastard is something very awful to listen from our sasidhar.....he might not have stamped it by intension....."A bastard stepped on my leg and tore the nail away"....sorry if I have hurt you.....