Friday, June 4, 2010

wrong side of skinny jeans

I was reminded of this incident which happened a few weeks ago. Really funny it is. I was standing outside this place - Dahr-e-mehr in secunderabad to catch an auto. For folks closer home, it's this place which is in front of Chermas in MG Road. Curious like a cat, I wanted to see what was there in that place. More interesting was this guy who stepped out of that place. Really fair, tall, long hair, wearing skinny jeans like those in Jonas Brothers and those long pointed sort of shoes which again Jonas Brothers sorta popularized. Hmmm... strange but good to see metrosexuality out there on road showing hand, stopping vehicles and crossing road. But I'd not want to be caught on the wrong side of it, staring at it, ogling at it as that guy were a girl...

Anyways what happened was I landed at the same place a few days later and I was still interested to find what that place was. One thing I was sure about was that it was some Parsi place (the name, looks of that guy, etc.) So I gave a what-the-hell-let-us-check-it-out expression and went in. I walked in checked that place out. Turns out it was a fire temple and a few small houses in the back (populated by some Parsis) There was a library too. I don't know what was I thinking but started walking towards it that a guy (wearing that typical parsi cap) claps his hand and asked me where was I going. I told him I checking the place out. He said the place was a private property and not for random people to "check" out. And then like in those daily soaps, he pointed towards the gate and told me rudely to get out :( Not that I felt really pissed but I felt like giving a piece of my mind to that security guy. First of all he doesn't stop me when I enter the place and then when I'm getting out, he starts asking why did you go in (o.0)

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bhargava said...

he he! another of your random city adventures huh! :P i could totally picture that guy with all that description and the comparison to jonas brothers :)