Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a shift in music genre

The past few months have been really great. Great in the sense that I explored classic rock in a better way. Ofcourse, with generous help from Himank in this department. :) If classic rock was a 5xxx course in iiit, my course project on Allman Brothers, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton and the Beatles would have got me acing the subject. But as I always say it's time to explore other things(genres) too.

It all started when I found that classic rock was the only thing I had in my nokia music express. Though great and all, you feel a tad bit frustrated when you listen to classic rock while jogging or something. And it's easy to lose motivation while doing stuff like jogging and all. So decided to change the genre to trance and trip-hop. It's been sometime since I've listened to the likes of Tiesto, Paul Okenfield, Housexy and Hed Kandi. Now my mobile has a lot of trance and lounge stuff. And it's pretty good for a morning with some running around or something.

Personally I've always seen trance as very synthetic. Rock, specially the 60-70s kind of rock is much more organic. We listen to both to pass time. While rock mellows us down, trance and lounge music makes us alert and makes us wanna go shake some booty or something :P

And that's where I realized something. Weed, which tends to mellow us down goes well with classic rock. That's why I say weed is organic stuff. On the other hand, we have stuff like cocaine, heroin, etc. going with trance and all. The real drugs. The synthetic stuff. Stuff which make you lose your mind. Makes you needlessly alert, fidgety. A person you might not wanna become. Ok, I don't even know why I'm writing all this. Frankly speaking, writing all this to see how long a post can I write. Specially with all my recent posts being small and all. :D


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Anonymous said...

Dear Pothead,
Can you please tell me what it feels like to read "Naked Lunch" while you are on a high? They (the other potheads) keep telling me that I'll never appreciate it if I don't read it on a high.