Friday, January 30, 2009

Why library gives me so much of "pleasure"

Today evening when I went to the library for my usual dose of book browsing and keeping up with the activity of doing nothing, something new caught my eye. No, it wasn’t a new chick in the library. It was the New Arrivals section. Generally empty or barely filled, it was totally flooded with books. Got a mild shock when I went there. I don’t know who can recommend the books or how does the entire system works but today I became a fan of the system. SUch a big fan that I have decided to do a bit of publicity. So here are a few snaps of what I found the most awesome.

The book which caused it all

Awesome cover description

some more... one for everyone :D

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the book before someone else issues it :)



shashank said...

There are many books like these in telugu man. u shd try them. language wud be awesome. did u take these pics with ur new phone??

Sultan of Samarkand said...

Where the hell were these hidden man!

aniket said...